fredag 4 augusti 2017

Kommande skivsläpp i september

Här kan man se några av de album som släpps i september.

Tony Mills - "Streets of Chance"
Dynamite - "Big Bang"
STUD - "Circle of Lies"

The Quireboys - "White Trash Blues"

Uriah Heep - "Raging Through the Silence (cd/dvd)
Threshold - "Legends Of The Shires"
Voodoo Six - "Make Way For The King
Stan Bush - "Change The World"
Lynch Mob - "The brotherhood"
Gods Of Silence - "Neverland"
Alter Bridge - "Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities"

Wayward Sons: Ghosts Of Yet To Come
Steelheart - "Through Worlds of Stardust"
Kee Of Hearts - "s/t"
Dirty Thrills - "Heavy Living"
Hell In The Club - See You On The Dark Side"
Bob Kulick - "Skeletons in The Closet"
Dan Reed - "Confessions"
Airbound - "s/t"
GUN - "Favourite Pleasures"
Sherikan Music Attraction - "No More tra la la"

H.E.A.T - "Into The Great Unknown"
Newman - "Aerial"
Martina Edoff - "We Will Align"
Boulevard - "Luminescence"
Scherer/Batten - "BattleZone"
ColdSpell - "A New World Arise"
Black Country Communion - "BCCIV"
Darren Phillips Project - "Vol One"

UFO - "The Salentino Cuts"
Nocturnal Rites - "Phoenix"
Heaven & Earth - "Hard to kill"
Debbie Ray - "Slave To The System"

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