torsdag 9 november 2017

"Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock" på Spotify

Ytterligare låtar har lagts till på bloggens Spotifylista "Best Of AOR & Melodic Rock".

Chris Qusey - "Another Runaway"
Chris Qusey - "This Is The Life"
Chris Qusey - "War"
Tony Mills - "Scars"
Tony Mills - "When The Lights Go Down"
Tony Mills - "The Art Of Letting Go"
Shineth - "Sweet Mary"
Shineth - "Over The Top"
Zaneta - "Maryanne"
Zaneta - "Feel You Know"
Zaneta - "Coming Back"
Sweet Mary Jane - "Fire In Your Eyes"
Strangers - "Never Stop"
Axia - "Queen Of The Night"
Axia - "Hot Blooded Lady"
Axia - "I Still Believe"

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