onsdag 7 mars 2018

Dallas skriver på för AOR Blvd Records

Sångaren Bryan Dallas och hans band har skrivit på för bolaget AOR Blvd Records inför deras nya platta som släpps nu i sommar.

AOR Blvd Records are proud and excited to present the signing of the future of AOR; DALLAS.

Featuring all round instrumentalist, songwriter extraordinaire, and San Francisco pin-up, we bring you youngster Bryan Dallas. A fourteen track CD licensed to Anderstein Music, Japan will be released in July , followed by our UK version ​with different songs in August.
​Watch this space!

Kelv Hellrazer says: “The most exciting artist I've worked with since Poison and White Lion...Think Winger, Bon Jovi , Blue Tears, Def Leppard, Reckless Love meeting Danger Danger up a dark alley .
​He’s young and he has a massive buzz , the boys got so many songs and looks like a star...”

För ytterligare information: facebook.com/AorBlvdRecords-257668050915497

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