fredag 2 mars 2018

Heartwind släpper debutalbum i april

Den 27:e april släpper det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet Heartwind debutalbumet "Higher And Higher" via bolaget AOR Heaven. Bandet utgörs av:

Germán Pascual (Narnia, Dj Mendez, Essence of Sorrow)
Mikael Rosengren (Constancia, Token, Scudiero)
Martin Hall (Germán Pascual band)
Göran Engvall
Peter TrumPeter Svensson (Constancia, Faith)
Germain Leth (The Poodles, Watchmen)

1. Higher and higher
2. Cry out into space
3. Ready for the moonlight
4. One night away from you
5. Surrounding me
6. Through the light
7. Too late for roses
8. Creatures of the nighgt
9. Don’t be that girl
10. Your eyes cannot lie
11. Game of love

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