torsdag 29 mars 2018

Leverage skriver på för Frontiers Records

Det finska metalbandet Leverage har åter igen skrivit på för bolaget Frontiers Records inför släppet av sitt nya studioalbum. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Leverage landed on the scene with the independent release of their debut album, “Tides” in 2006. With their blend of Symphonic and Melodic Hard Rock, with some Progressive Metal twists, Leverage created a buzz on the scene and were signed by Frontiers for the release of their second album, "Blind Fire" in 2008 before moving to a different home for their next album, "Circus Colossus" (2009). The band became inactive not too long after the release of that album.

Somewhere during the lengthy hiatus, guitarist and band founder Tuomas Heikkinen started writing some heavy rock songs with Mikko Salovaara for Kimmo Blom to sing. This was at first more like ’therapy’....making music just for the sake of it. However, writing with Mikko and especially later, getting to play some Rainbow tribute gigs under the "Wolf Moon Rising" moniker, the guys started to get the feeling that the time was right to make the next step and bring back the sleeping monster that is LEVERAGE. The new lineup now includes Kimmo Blom (ex-Urban Tale) on vocals, Tuomas Heikkinen and Mikko Salovaara on guitar, Marko Niskala on keyboards, Sami Norrbacka on bass, and Valtteri Revonkorpi on drums.

"Of original Leverage members, Torsti Spoof had already switched his career to writing film scores and Pekka Hansio Heino was busy singing working with Brother Firetribe,” says Tuomas. "There’s never been any issues and nothing but brother-like friendship between any of us, it was just obvious that we couldn’t continue LEVERAGE as a heavy rock band with the same line-up. In a way, this is a circle closing. Kimmo was actually supposed to be the vocalist on the first pre-production demos of what became ’Tides’ back in the day, but he was too busy at that time with Urban Tale for it to happen."

Leverage’s new lineup already went into the studio and came up with an impressive single, “Red Moon Over Sonora”, which you can see a lyric video for here:

"It’s a blast to enter a new era with the new line-up and a renewed relationship with Frontiers, who we believe is the powerhouse for bands like us,” concludes Tuomas. "We’re super excited about the new music we’re working on right now and look forward to sharing it through new releases and playing live.”

You can expect new music very soon as the band is set to deliver a digital only EP this year and a new release to come in early 2019!

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