tisdag 13 mars 2018

Pretty Maids spelar in live-dvd den 30:e mars

Pretty Maids meddelar att man den 30:e mars kommer att spela in en live-dvd när de besöker tjeckiska Zlin. Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

On the last night of our upcoming EU tour we will record a new live album/ DVD/Blu-Ray

The event will take place ‪on March 30th‬ in Zlín/Czech Republic.

On the night we will perform our classic album “ Future World “ in it’s entirety as well as other stuff from our ongoing carrer.
We hope to see a totally packed place with a lot of die hard fans and followers rocking out with us.

We’ll do everything in our power to make this night a memorable one and a real blast !.

Will YOU !!! be there ?


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