torsdag 10 maj 2018

Josh Ramos slutar i Hardline

Efter ungerfär 16 år har gitarristen Josh Ramos bestämt sig för att lämna AOR bandet Hardline. Så här går att läsa på bandets facebook-sida:

Hey everyone, we have some band news to share today. As you know, change is the one thing in life which is inevitable. This year Hardline is seeing some changes too. I know some of you have already heard from Josh that he is leaving the band. I want to personally thank Josh Ramos for his years of friendship and contributions to Hardline. We have faced tremendous change within the industry together, and share memories that will far surpass some of the most long lived bands. But as our lives evolve, change presents itself, adaptations must be made, and some plans that alter our paths are difficult to make. This one for sure. This was my decision and it wasn’t easy. It isn’t driven by ego, or from band drama. These things just aren’t who I am, and it’s not what Hardline is about. This change comes from the deepest knowledge that what is best for Hardline is even better for him. But I understand his feelings. I've faced "no" in my life many times, as we all do. Why? Because the time and plan has changed. It's time to move forward in a different direction .

With respect and dignity to Josh, and the same respect and dignity to Hardline's current members, and fans who continue to support a 25+ year effort in the love of making music, we are making a change. Keep your eye on Josh. He'll be out there in front of you soon. Peace to all. - Johnny

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