lördag 2 juni 2018

"Bloggens bästa 2018" på Spotify

Nya låtar har lagts till på Spotifylistan "Bloggens bästa 2018".

The Darren Phillips Project - "Hold On"
Sunstorm - "The Road To Hell"
Civil Daze - "Face Down In The Dirt"
Seventh Wonder - "Tiara´s Song"
Nozomu Wakai´s Destinia - "Take Me Home"
H.E.A.T - "Drink Alone"
Imperium - "Spread Your Wings"
Imperium - "King Of The World"
Imperium - "Learning How To Fly"
Space Elevator - "Take The Pain"
Kissin' Dynamite - "Ecstasy"
Volymian - "The Last Goodbye"
Lipz - "Star"

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