torsdag 21 juni 2018

DeVicious skriver på för bolaget Pride & Joy Music

Det tyska AOR bandet DeVicious har skrivit på för bolaget Pride & Joy Music och i samband med detta kommer man återutge sitt debutalbum "Never Say Never" den 28:e augusti. Så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Due to circumstances that shall remain private we split from our label “The Junction” last week. We ended things in good terms and wish each other nothing but success.
We are proud to announce our new partnership with Pride & Joy Music, Germusica and Soul Food Distribution. Our debut album “Never say Never” will be available on August 28th exclusively world wide through Pride & Joy Music. This will make buying our album a lot easier for all of you, until then the CD remains available at our band shop and all digital platforms.
Zoran, Radivoj, Gisi, Alex, Denis and Lars want to thank the one and only Birgitt Schwanke for taking care of our album and for giving us a chance at such an established label. We could not be more happy right now.

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