söndag 3 juni 2018

Mario Percudani ny gitarrist i Hardline

Nu är det klart att Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Mitch Malloy, Lionville) blir ny gitarrist i det klassiska AOR bandet Hardline. Så här går att läsa på på deras facebook-sida:

Hey everyone, we know you’re looking forward to all the shows and so are we. So please help us welcome Mario Percudani, who will be playing this year’s shows with us! He’s a fantastic guitarist and an even nicer guy. A lot of you already know him from his band Hungryheart, and by the way he’s also playing guitars on the album Johnny and Deen Castronovo recorded together.

We are all looking forward to seeing you guys at the shows, so grab your tickets and let’s rock!

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