söndag 18 november 2018

Collateral släpper debut-EP

Den 23:e november släpper det engelska rockbandet Collateral debut-EP:n "4 Shots", som kommer att innehålla följande material:

1. Going With The Wind
2. Midnight Queen
3. Angels Crying
4. Just Waiting For You

Detta är en platta att kolla in lite extra om man diggar namn som Bon Jovi, Little Angels, Thunder, Skid Row och Tyketto. För ytterligare information: facebook.com/collateralrocks

Ytterligare information gällande Toby Hitchcock´s kommande album

Den 25:e januari släpper sångaren Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions) soloalbumet "Reckoning" via bolaget Frontiers Records och så här går att läsa i ett pressmeddelande:

Powerhouse American vocalist Toby Hitchcock is back with a brand new solo album, “Reckoning”. The album was written and produced in collaboration with Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet).

Toby first came to the attention of melodic rock fans when former Survivor founding member Jim Peterik hand-picked him to be the lead singer for Pride Of Lions, the band that would mark Jim's return to the rock scene.

With Pride of Lions, Toby has sung on five studio albums which are considered true classics among the melodic rock/AOR faithful. Often compared to Bobby Kimball (Toto), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), and Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Hitchcock’s voice has the depth, feeling and the feel of each of them, while still keeping his own identity and trademark.

When Pride of Lions took a small hiatus in 2011, Toby took the opportunity to hook up with Swedish songwriter/producer Erik Martensson (Eclipse (Sweden), W.E.T., Ammunition) for his first solo album, “Mercury’s Down.” The album was a display of the talent of the two young guns, with Toby showing an unbelievable set of pipes on some heavier material, specially penned for him by Martensson.

In 2017, work on a new solo album started with Toby once again looking to Sweden for another exciting collaboration. Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet) crafted a superb set of songs that are an absolute AOR gem of an album.

Toby Hitchcock says, "[b]eing able to record my second solo album was a big step for me. I didn’t want to be a “one hit wonder” type of artist. So I’m very thankful for the opportunity to record a sophomore album. Working on my own solo record is really a great way for me to be creative on my own, so it’s very satisfying, and I love the feeling. Both of my solo projects were produced by different artists. So they feel completely different. This is a great thing for music lovers, as it brings a different vibe. This allows me to really explore my vocals and just have a great time doing it. Both albums have been amazing to work on and I couldn’t be happier."

“Reckoning” is a must hear release for all melodic rock/AOR fans out there. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


7HY släpper sitt nya album i mars

Den 29:e mars 2019 släpper det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet 7HY (Seven Hard Years) sitt nya studioalbum "No Going Back" via bolaget Lions Pride Music. 2017 gav bandet ut sitt senaste album "For The Records". För ytterligare information: facebook.com/AK7HY

Grand Design släpper musikvideo till låten "Miss U Tonite"

Fredagen den 7:e december släpper det svenska AOR bandet Grand Design en musikvideo till låten "Miss U Tonite" från specialutgåvan av albumet "Viva La Paradise", som ges ut sammma dag. För ytterligare information: facebook.com/granddesignsweden

lördag 17 november 2018

Ytterligare information gällande Gathering Of Kings kommande debutalbum

I slutet på januari släpper projektbandet Gathering Of Kings debutplattan "First Mission" och så här går att läsa på deras facebook-sida:

The Album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra, Nocturnal Rites, Dynazty) at The Panic Room in Skövde, Sweden.

All songs written by hugely talented Victor Olsson except "The Runaway", which was written by Maurice Gibb & Robin Gibb from Bee Gees. The song is a cover of Carolas hit single from 1986. So that's our tribute to the best swedish female singer of all time!
The amazing cover artwork was created by the German artist Markus Vesper Art.

An official video for our next single "Love Will Stay Alive" to be released next week. More details and pre-order info coming soon, stay tuned!

The album is featuring following artists:

*Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masterplan, Herman Frank, At Vance)

*Björn Strid - Vocals (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra)

*Apollo Papathanasio - Vocals (Spiritual Beggars, Firewind)

*Tobias Jansson - Vocals (Saffire)

*Jens Westin - Vocals & Guitar (Corroded)

*Alexander Frisborg - Vocals (Helldog)

*Victor Olsson - Guitar & Keyboards (Saffire)

*Stefan Helleblad - Guitar (Within Temptation, Jono)

*Martin Sweet - Guitar (Crashdiet, Sister)

*Erik Mårtensson - Guitar (Eclipse, W.E.T, Nordic Union, Ammunition)

*Nalle Påhlsson - Bass (Therion, Treat)

*Richard Larsson - Keyboards (The Night Flight Orchestra)

*Chris Laney - Keyboards (Pretty Maids)

*Erik Wiss - Keyboards (Cap Outrun)

*Jonas Källsbäck - Drums (The Night Flight Orchestra)

*Efraim Larsson - Drums (Streamline, Diamond Dawn)

*Robban Bäck - Drums (Mustasch, Eclipse, Sabaton, W.E.T, Ammunition)

*Henrik Sethsson - Backing Vocals (Casanovas)

"First Mission" track listing:

01. The Gathering
02. Forever And A Day
03. Love Will Stay Alive
04. Endless Paradise
05. Saviour
06. Passing Rain
07. Out Of My Life
08. Lonely Road
09. Angels
10. Long Way From Home
11. The Runaway (Carola cover)
12. Battle Cry (Bonus Track)

All For The King - "Rules Of Love" (Lyric Video)

Det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet All For The King har släppt en lyrikvideo till "Rules Of Love" från 2017 års självbetitlade debutalbum. Se och hör vidoen här nedan. För ytterligare information: facebook.com/thebandallfortheking

"The Best Of Swedish AOR & Melodic Rock" på Spotify

Ytterligare låtar har nu lagts till på Spotifylistan "The Best Of Swedish AOR & Melodic Rock".

Blue Desert - "Letting Go"
Max Lorentz - "Street Of Illusions"
Rhapsody Sweden - "It´s Gotta Be Tonight"
Leviticus - "Isn´t It Love"
Kim Fransson - "Knock Knock"

Dominoe har släppt sitt nya album

Det klassiska AOR bandet Dominoe har precis släppt nya albumet "The Lost Radio Show", som finns att hitta via bland annat Spotify.

fredag 16 november 2018

Gathering Of Kings presenterar omslag + låtlista för sitt kommande debutalbum

Här kan man spana in omslaget och låtlistan för projektbandet Gathering Of Kings debutalbum "First Mission", som släpps i slutet på januari 2019.

01. The Gathering
02. Forever And A Day
03. Love Will Stay Alive
04. Endless Paradise
05. Saviour
06. Passing Rain
07. Out Of My Life
08. Lonely Road
09. Angels
10. Long Way From Home
11. The Runaway (Carola cover)
12. Battle Cry (Bonus Track)

För ytterligare information: facebook.com/gatheringofkingssweden

Video: Violet Janine - "Queen Of Rock"

Det melodiösa rockbandet Violet Janine har släppt en musikvideo till sin nya singel "Queen Of Rock". Kolla in videon här nedan.